I see you undress me with your eyes 

But the thoughts of you in between these thighs

Ummm i could only imagine the satisfaction 

Of your reaction when we’re both climaxing

So just sit back and relax then

Let me rub your back when 

That blood rushing gives off all that

Interaction of mood swings to even make u wana scream 

But all these interceptions and assist made me know we make a good team

But the world could never know our fantasy dreams 

Of your face all in between 

Stop right there before you lose your mind

Of hitting it up and from behind

But this body to be so dam devine

So i know ill be the only one on your mind 

Cause with you here i know im not wasting  my time

For this clock to run out but this orgasm to release a spark yo make the nigjt so dark 

With all of these bite marks

Do dont hold still

Cause what i said ill give u

Just know i will

I Feel


I feel as if you may not know me like you say


Every question makes your answer go either way


Penetrated by your wrongs made me just think


I could do better without you but with you I sink





                             Shakiyla Jeffreys/Soul Bleeding Production/CEO



Give up what you put your name on

You thought you was winning some but you thought wrong

Cant sit around and watch my mind sink 

Cause my heart was lost right over seas

Couldn’t get over what you did to me

But without your input i couldn’t be complete

So without you i was wrong that you needed me

I fell to deep but i was done to see 

What came around wasnt there for me 

So i lost interest in what you revealed to me 

Thats lust, mind plucked, u just dont need me… 

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People dont know the struggle until death occurs 

It brings tears to our eyes 

Moments to cry

And lost for words

Dam this is absurd

Our society has a gift of being strong African Americans of the USA

But our young men kill for hate 

Run the streets all late

Having all our heartaches 

Cause they want to learn the hard way

Life is hard trying to live up to it

Its harder when our kids do it

No matter what you may teach them

The streets call them to contribure to it 

Why rep all these sets in Richmond

Cause you think u whipping more in the kitchen 

But what youre doing gives u a reason why not to have a pot to piss in

While we got our young girls out here still missing

Black kings n queens need to stop tripping

And gone n just take a plan ol ass whipping 

So our community can continue to grow and to be strong b4 they catch us all slipping

Leaving mothers having to bury their youngest child 

 While the suspect dont even go on trial

But them mfs creeping scared to even tell the mother the reason

But it might be a person  that might be out doing treason

Cause richmond,va gt it marked as Killing Season

So put the guns down 

And do some ufc rounds

Prove to our city were strong

And not a bunch of clowns

Cause right now our kids only hear gun sounds

Richmond straighten up….

Free write 

A life can’t be put on hold forever

Taking advantage from that push can have purpose for life to be greatful but not trying can get very much stressful

So just trying can have you at the top of his will to provide you with binded feelings of real and not the aggressive passage of the unfilled 

Holes of no love depression and anxiety that kept you with so much aggression of the reality that were kept in ….

Shakiyla Jeffreys 

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Instagram: kiylasworldagainstyours1


​I saw #beauty in you when You thought there was none left

I saw #happiness on your face when You thought you was sad

I saw #strength in you when others didnt 

I believed in you cause #God took place in your soul and u became humble 


Come Back 

​Time changes but we stay held in a position where Im floating on clouds 

But when you wrap your arms around me i cant help but make that uhhhh sound 

Feeling safe in your presence joins our forces of strength and aggression 

But when you stare consistently i know im your only obsession 

No hold backs of set backs second thoughts and ideas of what’s that But building a life as one is our major come back